24/7 Adds Content Channels

Internet advertising network 24/7 Media Inc., New York, responding to companies' wishes to reach parents, people changing careers and experienced Net shoppers, set up three new content channels in its network.

The company sells ads on the 24/7 Network, a set of 125 Web sites organized into channels – groupings of sites with similar content. The new channels, called eCommerce, Careers and Kids, are designed to let companies advertising on the 24/7 Network focus on those particular market segments.

“We determine whether or not to start a new content channel based on advertiser demand,” said Leslie Howard, 24/7's vice president of corporate communications. “People were asking over time, 'What do you have that's job search related?' After you hear that a few times, you say, 'Maybe we should start a careers channel.'”

The eCommerce channel is designed to help advertisers reach Netizens who have already made online purchases, and who are thus more likely to be receptive to future offers. For example, a credit card company might ask 24/7 to place advertisements for a new platinum card at a site like www.bid.com, which holds online auctions. Visitors to such a site are more likely to feel comfortable applying for a credit card through the Internet.

In addition to auction sites, the eCommerce channel includes online merchants and online shopping search engines, destinations that obviously attract people who aren't afraid of buying through their computers. Prominent sites on the channel include BottomDollar, BookFinder.com and CyberShop.

The Careers channel is dedicated to career development sites, including HeadHunter.net, College Grad Job Hunter and Knight Ridder's Real Cities' JobHunter. 24/7's Kids channel is designed to appeal to advertisers who want to reach parents or households with children. The grouping includes popular kids sites such as Freezone, Coloring.com and Searchopolis.

Other channels already operated by 24/7 relate to autos, health, teens, business, finance and news. The company also places ads on its ContentZone, a network of about 2,500 small to medium sites. 24/7's reach extends to about half of all U.S. online users.

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