21stAZ Marketing Software Gives Lists in 1 Hour

After a six-month test period, 21stAZ Marketing yesterday announced the debut of The Edge, its new list recommendation system.

The Edge is a proprietary software tool developed by 21stAZ for internal use. List brokers can call, fax or e-mail their recommendation requests to a 21stAZ account executive and receive a targeted list recommendation featuring 21stAZ-managed lists within an hour.

“We've always viewed the list brokers as our clients, and this tool allows us to serve them better by providing in-depth recommendations very quickly, sometimes in a matter of minutes,” said Janine Vosseler, executive vice president at 21stAZ Marketing, Farmingdale, NY.

Since the system was implemented six months ago, outbound recommendations at 21stAZ have risen 24 percent, she said.

List recommendations are broken out by category based on the brokers' criteria. All recommendations include counts, segments, usage and data cards.

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