2015 Essential Guide to Content Marketing

Direct Marketing News is proud to present the 2015 Essential Guide to Content Marketing, our comprehensive supplement packed with tips to help you kick your content marketing strategy into high gear.

Editor’s Note: Content Marketing 101
A primer to ensure that your core content marketing elements are in place.

Hot List: Content Marketing That Sells
4 ways to ensure that salespeople use the content that marketers create for them.

Global: Found in Translation: 7 Global Content Marketing Do’s and Don’ts
Too few marketers consider how their content will translate, literally and figuratively, in other languages and locations.

Video: Video Puts Marketing in Motion
Popular among consumers for everything from education to entertainment, video should also be a content marketing staple.

Trends: Content Marketing Strategies to Keep—and to Abandon
Content marketing is an age-old practice. Some methods are worth keeping; others, not so much.

Parting Shot: The Art of Content Marketing [Infographic]
A lack of speed and collaboration can inhibit the craft.

Looking for the complete PDF? Find it here.


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