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2015 40Under40 Winner: Pedro L. Rodriguez

Pedro L. Rodriguez, Director of Integrated Marketing, People en Español

A “social” butterfly, Rodriguez has successfully led numerous social media marketing campaigns for People en Español. Under his leadership the company has increased both franchised sponsors and program impressions by 50% year-over-year, increasing franchise revenue by 26% YoY. Prior to his role with People, Rodriguez served on a team that introduced Small Business Saturday, an award-winning program for American Express, where he learned the importance of social as a means to drive online audiences to offline, physical destinations. He continues to blog about technology for the Huffington Post, and feels he’s exactly where he ought to be.

Defining moment: At my time with Cohn & Wolfe, I created a full program for the executives of an insurance company to teach them how to bring a brand to life through social. At that moment I knew that was exactly what I want to be doing.

Words to live by: “Why not?” I was born in the Dominican Republic and came to the U.S. and never stopped questioning why I couldn’t do something. I think I apply the same to business.

Strategy shift: We noticed desktop readership was declining but mobile readership was multiplying. We looked at infrastructure and redesigned the mobile site to ensure we would become more successful.

Up next: Personal live-streaming. It’s not a package we’ve edited; it’s an off-the-cuff visual experience that is awesome for the consumer.

Advice to young marketers: Make yourself indispensible. The better you are at understanding different areas, the better marketer you will become.

Kristin LaFratta

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