2015 40Under40 Winner: Greg Mazen

Greg Mazen, Director of Creative Services, Boy Scouts of America

It takes copious talent to successfully navigate the politically charged world of nonprofit business. Mazen has talent to spare, but his commitment to integrity is what makes him a standout marketer. In his time with the Boy Scouts of America, Mazen has updated its overall marketing strategies, which includes writing a 50-page book on the history organization that has become a marketing centerpiece; helped penetrate new markets, leading to a 16% increase in new membership; and acted as a beacon of innovation for nonprofit marketers everywhere.

Defining moment: Being unemployed. I had a B.A. and a master’s and didn’t have a job. It wasn’t a good feeling. I met someone who happened to be a recruiter. She ended up basically giving me a job doing some freelance marketing work. From there, I met the Boy Scouts executive for the Dallas-area council. He was impressed with the work I’d done with his friend’s agency, so I was offered a position here at the Boy Scouts office.

Words to live by: I believe in professional integrity, and do everything with that in mind. I believe in holding myself accountable in everything I do.

Strategy shift: I was venting to a friend about the way marketing goes with the Boy Scouts. She gave me pointers on how to move the organization forward through innovative marketing. During a meeting [after that conversation], something told me to stop and give an elevator speech about innovation and staying current. It ended up being a huge success.

Up next: Remarketing has me the most excited; making people think about purchases several times, instead of denying it just once. Remarketing is going to make a huge difference in several industries, especially ours.

Advice to young marketers: Take risks. 

Perry Simpson

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