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2015 40Under40 Winner: Betsy Miller Daitch

Betsy Miller Daitch, Senior Marketing Manager, Investment Management, S&P Capital

Miller Daitch discovered her love for marketing while working as a financial advisor. She quickly gained the attention of marketing professionals in the financial sector, and eventually landed a position in marketing. Her commitment to innovation led to groundbreaking work in social media marketing at S&P Capital, work that catapulted Miller Daitch to her current position, where she continues to redefine marketing in the financial sector. Her work on the company’s social media task force led to sharing about 1,700 posts in 2014 across S&P Capital’s social channels that reached more than 19.8 million people and generated 17,500 engagements.

Defining moment: Early in my career I was a financial advisor. I spent [more] time marketing myself and networking than I did actually closing deals and selling variable annuities and life insurance. I realized I was really passionate about marketing and could make a bigger impact if I pursued a career in it.

Words to live by: Always rethink the status quo, get creative, and think cross-discipline. The financial services industry isn’t well-known for its innovative practices, especially in marketing. This motto has served me well in helping to change the way we market our solutions at S&P Capital IQ.

Strategy shift: In reviewing our Q2 marketing metrics this year, we noticed explosive growth in our impressions on social channels, namely Twitter and LinkedIn. We established a detailed editorial calendar for the remainder of this year that combined our paid and owned campaigns across the investment management vertical, and the results are beginning to show.

Up next: The application of artificial intelligence to traditional marketing channels is exciting to me. As a consumer, it is super scary. But as a marketer, being able to precisely target individuals across [all] channels and adapt automatically to present the most appealing messaging and calls-to-action, will truly change the industry.

Advice to young marketers: Remember that marketing is an art and a science.

Perry Simpson

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