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2015 40Under40 Winner: Amanda Todorovich

Amanda Todorovich, Director of Content Marketing, Cleveland Clinic

When someone says Cleveland, what comes to mind? For sports fans, since LeBron returned home probably the Cavs. But across the globe, Cleveland Clinic surfaces. Rated one of the top five hospitals in America by U.S. News & World Report, it has branches in Abu Dhabi, Las Vegas, and Toronto, among other locales. Thanks to the 36-year-old Todorovich, it’s also attained a serious presence on the Web with its weekly HealthHub blog and a steady stream of helpful healthcare content. Her guiding light is treating content marketing like journalism, not promotion. “There’s so much power in storytelling in healthcare. It’s such an emotional and human-touch industry,” she says. “Providing content to people that affects their everyday lives is huge.”

Defining moment: Cofounding MedCity News in 2009. Being forced to innovate changed the way I think, and working with some of the best hospitals in the country paved the way for me at Cleveland Clinic.

Words to live by: “Be exceptional.” I will do anything and everything in my power to make my work, and the work of my team, the very best it can be.

Strategy shift: The amount of data available to digital marketers is mind-blowing. I encourage everyone on my team to embrace that data and use it to guide their decisions. Testing, testing, testing. Adjusting, adjusting, adjusting.

Up next: Content marketing’s evolution. We cannot create demand for our services, so to move people through the funnel we must build relationships with them even when they’re not sick. By telling our own stories, we reach millions of people a month and generate national awareness. 

Advice to young marketers: Take risks and trust your instincts. It’s possible to love your job. The trick is finding that passion and running with it. 

–Al Urbanski 

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