2013 Essential Guide to Multichannel Marketing

The 2013 Essential Guide to Multichannel Marketing—everything you need to know about multichannel marketing, all in one spot. Read on for insight.

Editor’s Note: ‘Channel Strategy
Call it what you will, multichannel is about strategy.

Hot List: Marketing Gets Holistic
4 elements of a truly multichannel marketing strategy.

Touchpoints: Traditional Marketing Gets Charged Up
These marketers in healthcare, higher learning, and real estate still rely on traditional media—but are electrified by the connectivity of digital channels.

Q&A: Adam Sarner, Research VP, Gartner Inc.
Gartner Inc.’s lead analyst in CRM and marketing automation, Adam Sarner, leads a life of multichannel exploration.

Channeling the Customer
Multichannel data can help crack the code on identifying target audiences and their preferences.

3 Data Do’s and Don’ts
Bravo Media LLC and Citrix Systems Inc. share three major data do’s and don’ts. 

Marketers Sound Off: Trends to Watch
Multiple Channels, One Customer Relationship
The real power of a cohesive omnichannel marketing strategy is its ability to bolster engagement and build customer loyalty.

Here Comes Big Content
Marketers need an agile content supply chain to keep fresh content coming.


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