2013 Essential Guide to Loyalty Marketing

The 2013 Essential Guide to Loyalty Marketing—everything you need to know about loyalty marketing, all in one spot. Read on for insight.

Editor’s Note: Loyalty Driver
Marketing has an undeniable influence on customer loyalty.

Hot List: Stand Out or Lose Out
4 ways to make your loyalty program unique and engaging.

Are you (Customer) Experienced?
Many marketers are not as focused on customer experience as they should be. Here’s why—and three areas to (re)focus on.

Customer Experience Pays Off

SurePayroll uses Eloqua’s automated communications offering to power many of its marketing and customer care programs designed to enhance the customer experience.

Loyalty Takes Listening
Customers are more likely to be loyal to companies that meet their expectations. Doing so means aligning the voice of the customer with marketing.

Cisco Listens and Learns
Karen E. Mangia, director of the listening services center of excellence at Cisco Systems on the company’s robust listening system.

Marketers Sound Off: Trends to Watch
12 Ingredients for Baking in Customer Loyalty: Businesses hungry for growth often target competitors’ loyalist customers. It’s time for marketers to turn up the heat on their loyalty efforts.

You Know Me, Don’t You?
Relevance in high-priority customer interactions builds long-term loyalty.

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