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2013 Essential Guide to Email Marketing

The 2013 Essential Guide to Email Marketing—everything you need to know about email marketing, all in one spot. Read on for insight.

Editor’s Note: Email Gets Personal Intimate
Personalization in email is table stakes. Engagement is now the unmatched asset in the battle to retain customers. 

Hot List: 4 Big Email Marketing Mistakes—and How to Avoid Them
As effective as email marketing may be, it’s all too often misunderstood or underutilized. But it does have to provide value to customers to stand out.

Email on the Move
Brands that lack a mobile email strategy are already behind the curve. Here’s how to get started and get ahead.

WeddingWire Goes Mobile First
Today’s brides-to-be live on their smartphones, so WeddingWire planning service has been aggressive about mobile email for two years.

Emailing in Synch With the Customer Lifecyle
Why are more email marketers aligning their campaigns with customer lifecycles? Two reasons: customer experience and deliverability.

Marketers Sound Off: Trends to Watch
Overlook This Email Issue and Customers Will Opt Out

As email marketing matures, marketers must ensure that they don’t get complacent or overly confident with their strategy or execution.

Email’s Role in Customer Trust
Our world is social, our lifestyles are digital, and almost every aspect of modern marketing is data driven.

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