2012 Essential Guide to Email Marketing

The Essential Guide to Email Marketing is packed with actionable information, as in everything you need to know to keep your email programs running smoothly.

Editor’s note: Email on a mission
Despite rumors to the contrary, email continues to deliver

Hot List: Four ways to optimize email performance
Beware the complacency that can set in with the common message-segment-send cycle of email marketing.

Email powers marketing at Chevrolet
Email is in the driver’s seat at Chevrolet.

Don’t change the channel
For leading brands, JetBlue, FedEx, and National Geographic Society, email remains the glue that binds their multichannel marketing efforts

Beadaholique’s refashioned email program sparkles

Avoiding ho-ho hum holiday emails
Here’s how to ensure that customers open email messages with as much enthusiasm as opening a holiday gift.

Marketers Sound Off: Trends to Watch
Email en vogue: Industry insiders voice their opinions on the trends marketers should be following. No fads here.

Infographic: Email on the move?

The new email messaging mandate
Customer-focused, integrated messaging is the key to long-term customer engagement.

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