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2 State DNC Laws Take Effect

State telemarketing do-not-call registries took effect Friday in Pennsylvania and Kansas.

Kansas has nearly 400,000 consumers signed up for its DNC list, while Pennsylvania has 1.6 million, with another 400,000 already registered for when the list is published a second time Feb. 1.

Implementation of the Kansas list was delayed over the summer after a deal with the Direct Marketing Association broke down and the state went looking for a different private vendor. Kansas eventually chose database service provider GovConnect.

The state DNC picture does not get much better for telemarketers in the coming months. Registration for Minnesota's DNC list begins Nov. 4, with the list becoming effective Jan. 1. A state list in Massachusetts also takes effect Jan. 1. A DNC list takes effect in Illinois in July 2003.

In New Jersey, the state Senate passed a DNC list bill last week. The state Assembly passed a similar bill over the summer and is expected to approve the Senate version.

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