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10 Surprises From Our Simultaneous Rebrand and Product Launch

Recently we changed our name from LogMyCalls to Convirza. We launched a brand new product at the same time. The process for both took months of planning and coordinated effort. We made many mistakes, got plenty of things right, but also learned a lot. 

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the 10 things we learned from launching a new product and rebranding our company. These lessons can be applied to any big marketing project—and will help you avoid the challenges we overcame. They’re strategies that you’ll only learn by going through a big marketing project (unless you come this webinar). 

Specifically you’ll learn: 

  • The mistakes we made during the rebranding process, and how we rectified them
  • The biggest hurdle to overcome as you launch a new product or business model
  • What’s behind the curtain: how we chose the name, logo and website design
  • Strategies to ensure that your team can pull-off BIG projects successfully


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