10 Questions You Need to Ask When Assessing Marketing Technology

Finding the right marketing technology is easier said than done. There are countless solutions out there—each with their own enticing promises and flashy demos. To help sort through the platform perplexity and cloud-filled convulsion, marketers need to be prepared to ask the right questions.

Here, Ahmed Elemam, digital transformation consultant at Web and business solution provider AKN Solutions, shares his must-ask checklist.

1) Did you send them a list of questions before the pitch detailing what you want to understand about the technology (without revealing too much)?

2) Are you ready to guide the pitch/presentation and ask the technology company to focus on your needs and requirements?

3) How do you involve the “right” stakeholders for the pitch and implementation process early-on to eliminate surprises and to prepare for implementation if needed?

4) Are the integration features claimed in the pitch accurate?

5) Can the martech company supply customer case studies? Will they connect you with any customers to ask specific questions?

6) Are there any customer references or case studies from similar companies such as yours?

7) Will the tool require a dedicated user or can multiple members of the team use it? If the tool is not used for a while, does it require re-training? Is training/consulting covered in the contract or is it an add-on fee?

8) Does the new marketing technology create more silos within the company or does it break silos?

9) Can your current organizational structure handle the implementation of the new technology? Does it require change? Are there systematic bottlenecks? Do you have tag management solutions in place to handle new tagging requirements if needed?

10) The sales pitch and the execution tend to have a gap. Did you document the sales pitch and request the solution provider to uphold the promises in the contract?

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