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10 Omnichannel Stats Every Marketer Should Know

While not every business has the resources or data available to embrace the omnichannel approach to marketing, achieving a consistent view of customers across channels and technologies should be at, or near the top of marketer’s list of priorities.

If the deluge of articles, books, panels, quotes and case studies pushing for omnichannel in recent years aren’t enough to convince you, here are 10 essential omnichannel marketing stats every marketer should know.

  1. 55% of companies have no cross-channel strategy in place (The CMO Club).

  2. 64% of marketers cite lack of resources and investment as their top barrier to omnichannel marketing (The CMO Club).

  3. 90% of customers expect consistent interactions across channels (SDL).

  4. 30% of marketers say data quality is their biggest hurdle to leveraging marketing databases (Dun & Bradstreet).

  5. 53% of marketers don’t have the data to personalize content at all (Demand Metric, Seismic).

  6. 52% of consumers polled like it when customer service is personalized to them and their interests. (Opinium Research LLP, Ovum).

  7. 71% of shoppers who use smartphones for research in-store say that it’s become an important part of the experience.(Google).

  8. Omnichannel shoppers have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel (Google).

  9. Only 45% of retailers cite omni-channel efforts as a top priority for their business in 2015 (Forrester).

  10. 61% of customers have not been able to easily switch from one channel to another when interacting with customer service (Aspect).
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