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Direct Marketing News hosts a number of webcasts, both editorial and sponsored, that tackle the pressing issues affecting the direct marketing industry. From the effect of postal rate increases, to best practices in e-mail segmentation, each webcast features industry experts giving clear opinions and information about the direct marketing space. Most webcasts are free, unless specified otherwise.

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Mapping the Mobile Journey

Mobile has the ability to empower brands to follow their consumers along their purchase journey. But which points are most vital? And how do you connect the dots between mobile advertising, mobile consumers, and their purchasing behavior?

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Build Successful Presentation Skills for Marketing Webinars

As a webinar presenter, are you worried that you aren't as engaging and interesting as you are when you present live? As an attendee, have you been interested in a topic but turned off by the presenter?

CASL Rewind: What CASL Enforcements Mean for Email Marketers

Join the webinar and hear from Dana-Lynn Wood, Senior Enforcement Officer at the Canadian Radio-Television & Telecommunications Commission (CTRC)—CASL's primary regulatory body—as she discusses key takeaways from her first-hand experience with CASL enforcements, and get insider tips on how to prepare for what's coming next.

The Unhealthy State of Enterprise Marketing Work

The nature of our work — especially as marketers — has changed profoundly over the last several years. Companies are getting bigger, with systems and teams increasingly spread out across the globe.

The House That Data Built: Use Digital Intelligence To Drive Individualization

Do you struggle to recognize the individuals who engage with your brand across digital touchpoints and thus fail to personalize their experience in a way that really moves the needle? You're not alone.

The New Mobile Rules for Search, Social, and Display: Data-Driven Strategies for More Clicks, Calls, and Sales

Join mobile marketing experts from DialogTech and Leapfrog Online as they present new data-driven strategies for driving more clicks, calls, and sales from Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

3 Day Blinds Case Study: How Integrating MarTech and AdTech Changes Everything

Creating seamless brand experiences and fueling engagement across the customer journey requires a data-driven, integrated approach. Learn how 3 Day Blinds worked with Turn and Marketo to connect their digital advertising and marketing automation and uncover actionable insights about their audience.

Tips for Using Data and Automation to Improve the Customer Experience

Join Talibah Mbonisi, director of marketing operations for Silverpop, an IBM Company, as she shares tips for using data and automation to drive engagement.

10 Surprises from our Simultaneous Rebrand and Product Launch

In this webinar, we'll discuss the 10 things we learned from launching a new product and rebranding our company.

10 Ways to Enhance Your Webinar Content

Join ON24 and Direct Marketing News for an interactive conversation that will highlight best practices on how to increase the effectiveness of your webinar content.

Why Marketing Is Essential to Customer Trust in E-commerce

Learn about the measures that leading online retailers have taken to increase credibility and security on their websites.

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