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Capturing the Multichannel Customer

Free to attend: June 26, 2013


Marketing to consumers in their preferred channels requires data and insight.

Consumers like to shop, communicate, and learn through a multitude of online and offline channels. Businesses have to be where consumers are to best meet their needs. Knowing where to be is often the challenge.

 Join Direct Marketing News for a one-day virtual conference to learn the latest on how to transform customer data into insight that will allow you to understand and anticipate customer needs, create more relevant campaigns and communications, and then reach the right consumers at the right time via the right channel mix.


 A selection of instructional sessions and moderated discussions will examine such topics as:

- Making sense of Big Data
- Creating the ideal channel mix based on customer preferences
- Optimizing customer segmentation and targeting
- Capturing and using voice-of-the-customer input
- Personalizing the e-commerce experience

Sign up today to get the insight you need to ensure that you reach the consumers most likely to buy at the time and in the channel their most likely to do so.

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