U.S. Reps Propose Amendment to Stop Spam

Three members of Congress will offer a new compromise amendment during today's scheduled markup of H.R. 3113, dubbed The Unsolicited Electronic Mail Act, in an effort to end the transmission of unsolicited commercial e-mail.

The bill, proposed by Rep. Heather Wilson, R-NM, Rep. Gary Miller, R-CA, and Rep. Gene Green, D-TX, will:

o Require accurate return addresses on unsolicited commercial e-mail.

o Make it illegal to send spam to people who have requested to be removed from a list.

o Make it illegal to cull e-mail addresses from Internet registrars.

o Require spam to be identified as such.

o Require ISPs to protect their customers from spam if the ISP profits from allowing spam into their system.

o Allow individuals to sue spammers.

o Allow ISPs to have a spam policy and sue spammers for $500 per message if they violate the policy.

o Authorize the Federal Trade Commission to go after spammers who violate this law.

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