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Omnichannel Marketing Essential Guide

Hot List: The Lexicon of Omnichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing is often defined as using multiple but siloed channels to reach customers. Omnichannel aims to take a more integrated approach. And then there's cross-channel marketing and integrated marketing. Here, we clear the air on what each means and why we need so many terms for what seems to be one marketing practice. 

Contact: Perry Simpson (perry.simpson@dmnews.com) by April 8.

Feature: The Omnichannel Data Opportunity

Marketers who aren't using their data from individual marketing channels to inform decisions they make regarding their other channels are missing a significant opportunity to better understand and react to customers. Here's how to ensure that cross-channel data sharing leads to more relevant messaging, channel optimization, and improved results. 

Contact: Jason Compton (jcompton@crmuse.com) by April 8.

Feature: Orchestrating the Marketing Organization for the Omnichannel Reality

Yes, marketing teams need channel experts and data specialists, but they also need marketers who can collaborate well, think omnichannel, and help to create the cohesion that customers expect from brands today. This article will discuss how to ensure that your team has the right players for today's omnichannel reality. 

Contact: Eric Krell (evkrell@gmail.com) by April 8.

Trends: The Channel Standout

Omnichannel marketing aims to create a cohesive, well-orchestrated customer experience across channels. But in some cases one channel holds sway over the others. What channel is—or should be—the linchpin of omnichannel marketing, and why? 

Contact: Ginger Conlon (ginger.conlon@dmnews.com) by April 8.


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Redefining Data Privacy

Data privacy is nothing if not a gray area. Customer expectations differ and are often influenced by issues unrelated to marketing data. Marketers, industry watchers, and regulators all have varied views, as well. And customer data of every stripe is more easily accessed and shared than every before. But the fact remains that customer trust impacts revenue—and data collection and use affects that trust. Considering all this, what should data privacy mean today? And what should marketers do differently to set and manage customers' expectations about their data and the use of it? 

Contact: Al Urbanski (al.urbanski@dmnews.com) by March 27.

Success Strategies Feature: Are Segments Still Relevant?

There are so many ways to slice and dice customer data today that some experts assert that marketers no longer need to segment because they can market to "segments of one." This article will examine the pros and cons of traditional segmentation and discuss current trends in one-to-one marketing. 

Contact: Elyse Dupre (elyse.dupre@dmnews.com) by March 25.

Topic of the Month: Omnichannel Marketing

True omnichannel marketing takes internal collaboration among a company's various marketing teams. Here are 5 ways to ensure that collaboration.

Contact: Perry Simpson (perry.simpson@dmnews.com) by March 17.

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