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Below is a list of upcoming editorial opportunities in our print magazine, including contact information for the DECEMBER/JANUARY issue. For general content inquiries, email ginger.conlon@dmnews.com.

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2015 Marketing Outlook

Experts from in- and outside marketing share their predictions for 2015 on what will influence marketing most. NOTE: Participants have been selected for the article. However, we will be writing an online-only article for dmnews.com on 2015 trend predictions. Those interested in participating should contact Ginger by November 14. 

Contact: Closed

Success Strategies Feature: Attribution

Customer engagement is an integral part of gaining customer loyalty. Here's how three companies use marketing to engage customers, build advocacy, and bolster loyalty.

Contact: Natasha Smith (natasha.smith@dmnews.com) by Nov. 17.

NEXT: Social Media Marketing

Debunking the top five social marketing myths.

Contact: Perry Simpson (perry.simpson@dmnews.com) by Nov. 19.

In Every Issue

NEXT: Analysis articles on current hot strategies and trends to watch.

Best Case: Case studies that show measurable results based on a specific initiative or campaign.

To pitch ideas for these sections, please contact the editor listed below according to their beats. Click each editor's name to send him/her an email.


senior editor
senior editor

Elyse Dupré
associate editor

- marketing leadership
- loyalty marketing
- customer engagement/CX
- content marketing
- postal regulations   
- direct mail
- data privacy/regulations   
- customer privacy
- behavioral targeting
- marketing automation
- SoLoMo analytics
- email marketing
- social media marketing
- mobile marketing
- data analytics
- segmentation/targeting
- attribution
- case studies

- multichannel marketing 
- email marketing
- search marketing
- social media marketing
- mobile marketing
- display advertising
- direct response/DRTV

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HubSpot 3 released to enable greater personalization

HubSpot 3 released to enable greater personalization

HubSpot announced the launch of HubSpot 3, an integrated platform designed to enable marketers to provide more personalization compared to previous software iterations.

The current state of social media adoption

The current state of social media adoption

Social media's ever-increasing popularity as a business tool is no surprise—but businesses have yet to use social to its full potential.

Online privacy concerns outweigh mobile app downloads

Online privacy concerns outweigh mobile app downloads

TRUSTe's recent report on consumer perceptions of mobile and online privacy show that there's more distrust around privacy policies in mobile apps.