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Upcoming Issues & Supplements

July/August 2016 In-Depth Feature: Building the Digital Marketing Organization

Chief marketers need to start building the marketing team of the future today. Who should be on that team? What skills do they need? The answers will differ somewhat by industry and company size, but there are mind-sets, roles, and skills that no marketing team will be able to do without. This article reveals what they are and how marketing chiefs can find or train the right people, while being flexible enough to account for unexpected changes that will require further organizational shifts.

Contact: Elyse Dupre, elyse.dupre@dmnews.com by Friday, May 13

July/August 2016 Topic of the Month:Predictive Analytics

The Top 5 Reasons to Use Predictive Analytics Some marketers swear by predictive analytics. Others have their share of reasons for using it sparingly or not using it at all. But the benefits of predictive analytics are clear. This article will discuss those benefits and show examples of companies harnessing the power of predictive analytics to understand customers, predict their actions, and more.

Contact: Jason Compton, Jason.Compton@gmail.com by Friday, May 20

Ongoing Editorial Opportunities

This Is How We Do It: First-person accounts of successful marketing initiatives or strategies. Contact: Elyse Dupre, elyse.dupre@dmnews.com

Best Case: Case studies that show measurable results based on a specific initiative or campaign. See the Editorial Beats list below to select a contact by the appropriate beats.Click on an editor's name to send an email.

Editors & Beats

  • Al Urbanski (Senior Editor)
    Al Urbanski

    Postal Regulations
    Direct Mail
    Data Privacy/Regulations
    Customer Privacy
    Behavioral Targeting
    Case Studies Related to These Topics

    Contact: Al.Urbanski@dmnews.com

  • Elyse Dupre (Special Features Editor)
    Elyse Dupre

    Omni/Multichannel Marketing
    Email Marketing
    Search marketing
    Social Media Marketing
    Mobile Marketing
    Display Advertising
    Direct Response/DRTV
    Case Studies Related to These Topics

    Data Analytics
    Segmentation and Targeting
    Marketing Technology

    Contact: Elyse.Dupre@dmnews.com

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