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Datafication of Nation

Marketers have long been obsessed with customer data, looking for ways to make unique connections. This article will break down the aspects of consumers' lives today that marketers can extract the best insight from to make those connections, as well as discuss how marketers are thinking differently in terms of what's possible with data today. 

Contact: Natasha Smith (natasha.smith@dmnews.com) by Jan. 2.

Success Strategies Feature: Content Marketing

Not every company has cool or sexy products. In fact, some organizations create products that are serious business. But that doesn't mean their content need to be staid or boring. This article will discuss how to create engaging content for any product, service, or topic.

Contact: Jason Compton (jcompton@crmuse.com) by Jan. 2.

Topic of the Month: Lead Gen

Debunking the top five myths in list building versus list buying.

Contact: Perry Simpson (perry.simpson@dmnews.com) by Dec. 23.

2015 Content Marketing Essential Guide

Hot List: Content Marketing That Sells

Marketers create plenty of content meant to support salespeople, but that doesn't always mean they'll use it. Here are 4 ways to ensure that salespeople are using the content marketers create for them.

Contact: Michele Meyer (micheleLocal@yahoo.com) by Dec. 30.


Lights, Camera, Action

Video is playing an increasingly larger role in many company's content marketing productions. Here's how to expertly weave video into your content marketing, ensure it's mobile friendly, and dodge missteps that will cause customer to put the relationship on pause.

Contact: Jason Compton (jcompton@crmuse.com) by Dec. 30.


Global Content Best Practices

Content marketing is always an English-language or U.S.-only affair. Many marketers much consider how their content will translate, literally and figuratively, in other languages and locations. This article will discuss best practices for global content marketing, as well as gaffes to avoid.

Contact: Eric Krell (evkrell@gmail.com) by Dec. 30.


Trends: Staying Power

Content marketing is an age-old practice. Some methods are worth keeping; others not so much. Experts will weigh in on the question, "What's one assumption or practice from content marketing's early days that still applies or one that it's time to let go of and move on—and why?"

Contact: Ginger Conlon (ginger.conlon@dmnews.com) by Dec. 30.

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Founded in September 2009, Stirista is an integrated marketing agency that specializes in micro-targeting via traditional and digital channels. Our mission is to help companies, non-profits, and universities alike find new prospects and better understand their existing contacts. We are on the preferred vendor list for a handful of Fortune 500 companies with three of the ten largest companies in the world turning to us for marketing insights. To put it simply, we're young (at least at heart), ambitious, and sometimes impulsive-but always hungry for new ideas.

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Founded in September 2009, Stirista is an integrated marketing agency that specializes in ...