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Success Strategies Feature: The Blending of Brand & Direct Marketing

Many say that all marketing is now data-driven, especially with marketers are trying to have consistent messaging across all channels. This article will discuss the opportunities, realities, and challenges of the blurring lines between direct marketing and brand marketing. 

Contact: Cindy Waxer (waxer@sympatico.ca) by Jan. 28.

Topic of the Month: Customer Lifetime Value

This article will discuss five ways CLTV is important to direct marketing.

Contact: Perry Simpson (perry.simpson@dmnews.com) by Jan. 22.

2015 Direct Mail Marketing Essential Guide

Hot List: 10 Reasons to Invest in Direct Mail

Not as sexy as its digital brethren, direct mail often gets short shrift today. But while some marketers pooh-pooh the traditional marketing channel, others find it an essential part of their omnichannel marketing. Here are 10 reasons marketers should include direct mail as part of their marketing arsenal.

Contact: Michele Meyer (micheleLocal@yahoo.com) by Jan. 28.


Direct Mail Goes Digital

Direct mail may be paper, but technology plays a vital role in its impact and effectiveness—both on its own and as part of an omnichannel marketing strategy or campaign. Here, we present the five technologies most important to direct mail marketing—everything from CRM to mobile.

Contact: Jason Compton (jcompton@crmuse.com) by Jan. 28.


The Three Dimensions of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail isn't just postcards and letters. Some direct mail packs a 3D punch and others are dimensional in their delivery of engaging content. This article will delve into how three companies are using direct mail marketing to deliver—sales, that is.

Contact: Eric Krell (evkrell@gmail.com) by Jan. 28.


Trends: The Truth About Direct Mail

Direct mail is more like a crocodile than a dinosaur. In this roundup of expert insights, direct mail marketers share a myth about why direct mail is on the verge of extinction and the associated reality about why it's actually experiencing a slight resurgence.

Contact: Ginger Conlon (ginger.conlon@dmnews.com) by Jan. 28.

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senior editor

Elyse Dupré
associate editor

- marketing leadership
- loyalty marketing
- customer engagement/CX
- content marketing
- postal regulations   
- direct mail
- data privacy/regulations   
- customer privacy
- behavioral targeting
- marketing automation
- SoLoMo analytics
- email marketing
- social media marketing
- mobile marketing
- data analytics
- segmentation/targeting
- attribution
- case studies

- multichannel marketing 
- email marketing
- search marketing
- social media marketing
- mobile marketing
- display advertising
- direct response/DRTV

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ASL Marketing

As the leading source for direct marketing youth data, ASL Marketing connects your ...