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September Topic of the Month: Video 

Video is becoming an essential component of many marketers' content strategy. The question for direct marketers is, how can they best use video to drive actions such as purchases and shares? This article will provide tips for doing so.

Contact: Perry Simpson (perry.simpson@dmnews.com) by July 24.

September Success Strategies Feature: B2B Marketing 

As consumer shopping habits and technologies increasingly influence B2B purchase habits, it behooves B2B marketers to adopt B2C strategies that work for their business. This article will discuss five tactics that B2B marketers should adopt from B2C, and three to avoid. Sidebar: A list of tips that B2B marketers have for their B2C counterparts.

Contact: Elyse Dupre (elyse.dupre@dmnews.com) by August 3.

September In-depth Feature: Ignore Marketing's Influence on Customer Experience at Your Peril 

Customers pleased with a company's customer experience are more likely to be loyal advocates. But too many marketers overlook the many ways their tactics positively or negative impact the customer experience. Is your marketing enhancing or damaging your customer experience, and, in turn, loyalty and profitability? This article will examine the top ways marketing can improve or spoil the experience for your customers.

Contact: Cindy Waxer (cwaxer@sympatico.ca) by August 3.

One Tough Question eBook: Social Marketing 

This eBook is a roundup of about a dozen opinions in response to a question we ask on that topic. The response should be no more than 250 words and must be from a director/VP or above marketer, president, or CEO. The question is: The concept of dark social isn't a new one, but conversations around it are becoming pervasive as marketers increase their efforts to measure such online customer behaviors as shares. What's one way that marketers can measure, or at least estimate, activities like shares on dark social--or can they? And if not, what's an effective alternative?

Contact: Ginger Conlon (ginger.conlon@dmnews.com) by August 5 to recommend an executive who would like to participate. Please send a query, not a response to the question.

October Topic of the Month: Segmentation and Targeting

There will always be a place for demographics and other traditional data points for segmentation. But with all the new customer data available today, marketers can get far more creative with the types of data they can use to build segments of customers most likely to response to their communications and offers. Here, the five most creative data types for customer segmentation.

Contact: Perry Simpson (perry.simpson@dmnews.com) by Aug. 21.

2015 Email Marketing Essential Guide: Customer Reengagement Strategies Hot List

If customers are disengaged, can email really pull them back into the fold—especially if email volume was partially responsible for their discontent? This article will discuss several ways marketers can use email to reengage disconnected customers, as well as cite tactics to avoid.

Contact: Perry Simpson (perry.simpson@dmnews.com) by Aug. 24.

2015 Email Marketing Essential Guide Feature: Email, Like Fine Wine, Gets Better With Age

Email continues to be a marketing staple because it works without busting the marketing budget—and marketers and the vendors that serve them continue to reinvent it. From dynamic, real-time personalization to using email data for segmentation, new and evolving email strategies are enlivening the channel. Here, we provide several examples of companies that have breathed new life into their email marketing—and examine how other marketers can adopt those strategies themselves.

Contact: Jason Compton (jcompton@crmuse.com) by Aug. 25.

2015 Email Marketing Essential Guide Feature: We've Got Our I(SP)s on You

Email needs to reach customers' inboxes to have a chance at being effective. Customer engagement is one primary criterion for avoiding spam filters and blacklists. Here, we get the skinny directly from the ISPs on what that means, as well other key criteria.

Contact: Eric Krell (evkrell@gmail.com) by Aug. 26.

2015 Email Marketing Essential Guide Trends Roundup: The Email Opportunist

Industry experts weigh in on emails greatest strength, and how to capitalize on them, as well as its greatest weakness and how to overcome it.

Contact: Ginger Conlon (ginger.conlon@dmnews.com) by Aug. 27.

October In-depth Feature: The Intersection of Ad Tech and MarTech 

It may be early days of ad tech and martech playing in the same sandbox, but more and more, companies are linking those two technologies to share data and deliver more targeted, relevant messaging to customers and prospects alike. This article will discuss the key intersection points and how marketers can integrate advertising and marketing technologies to drive customer response and increase revenue.

Contact: Natasha Smith (natasha.smith@dmnews.com) by Sept. 2.

October Success Strategies Feature: Mobile Marketing  

Could mobile be marketers' magic bullet? They can use it to link and enhance other channels, inform their marketing strategy, and get closer to customers than nearly another other channel allows.  This article will discuss the top ways marketers are using mobile to improve their overall marketing performance, and cite examples of companies at the forefront of mobile marketing.

Contact: Jason Compton (jcompton@crmuse.com) by Sept. 2.


NEXT: Analysis articles on current hot strategies and trends to watch.

Best Case: Case studies that show measurable results based on a specific initiative or campaign.

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- social media marketing
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