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August 2014 issueCLOSED

2014 Essential Guide to Omnichannel MarketingCLOSED

September 2014 issue
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In-Depth: Are Brands Becoming Their Own Media Outlets?

For some brands, content marketing becomes so essential to customer engagement that their initiatives evolve to something far more like a media outlet than a robust content strategy. Here are the stories of companies successfully mimicking media, and how to determine if doing so is right for you.

Eric Krell

July 25

Best Practices Feature: Direct Response
Redefining direct response in the digital age: What is it, how should marketers integrate and measure it, and what does success look like?

Jason Compton

July 25

NEXT: Email
As triggers become an increasingly common email strategy, some marketers are looking for micro-triggers to help their messages stand out. Here, we examine micro-trigger examples, as well as do's and don'ts

 Elyse Dupré

July 23

NEXT: Print

While some politicians focus on legislating privacy, others are digging into constituent data to help win midterm elections.

Al Urbanski

July 23

NEXT: Data

Clean data is always essential for marketing. Here are new ways to ensure your data get and stays clean.


July 23

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Best Case, a section comprising four case studies:
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The strategy behind how one company is using modeling, segmentation, predictive analytics, and the like to amp up its marketing performance—and the results of doing so.


The strategy behind how one company is using tools like marketing automation, campaign management, and the like to improve marketing results—and the outcomes from doing so.

The New Direct

The tactics one company is using to integrate traditional direct mail with digital elements (e.g. augmented reality) and channels—and the results of its multichannel approach.

Customer Experience

The method one company is using to improve the customer experience marketing delivers, whether through social media interactions, email frequency or content, data sharing with customer service, or other approaches—and the outcomes from doing so.

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HubSpot 3 released to enable greater personalization

HubSpot 3 released to enable greater personalization

HubSpot announced the launch of HubSpot 3, an integrated platform designed to enable marketers to provide more personalization compared to previous software iterations.

The current state of social media adoption

The current state of social media adoption

Social media's ever-increasing popularity as a business tool is no surprise—but businesses have yet to use social to its full potential.

Online privacy concerns outweigh mobile app downloads

Online privacy concerns outweigh mobile app downloads

TRUSTe's recent report on consumer perceptions of mobile and online privacy show that there's more distrust around privacy policies in mobile apps.