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Below is a list of upcoming and ongoing editorial opportunities, including contact information and deadlines. For general content inquiries, email Editor-in-Chief Ginger Conlon: ginger.conlon@dmnews.com. The content listed below is a mix of print/digital and digital only.

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Upcoming Issues & Supplements

April 2016 Topic of the Month: Customer Lifetime Value

Marketers use CLTV differently depending on their strategies and goals—some prefer current value, for example; while others prefer to use predicted future value. This article will discuss how to ensure that you're taking the optimal approach to CLTV when aiming to maximize your marketing spend. The article should include case examples/anecdotes of the key approaches.

Contact: Jason Compton, jason.compton@gmail.com
Deadline: Tuesday, February 2

May 2016 In-depth Feature:
Turf Wars—Vendor selection in the Age of Overlap

Agencies are more than creative shops; many now offer strategy consulting and technologies such as CRM. Enterprise consulting firms are expanding their services to include offerings such as digital creative and technology integration. And technology vendors increasingly are offering strategic consulting and creative services (e.g. email template design). As if it isn't difficult enough for marketers to choose partners, all of this overlaps make their decision making more complex. Not only do marketers need to select the right partners for their specific needs and goals, they also need to choose partners that are aligned and will work collaboratively. This article will provide guidance for marketers in how to select the right agency, consultant, and vendor partners.
Contact: Elyse Duprè, elyse.dupre@dmnews.com
Deadline: Friday, February 19 

May 2016 Success Secrets Feature:

Programmatic advertising is changing the marketing landscape in terms of providing new opportunities for targeting at scale. But for many data-driven marketers, this opportunity brings uncertainty in the optimal path to take to balance relevant targeting with appropriate scale. This article will discuss the dilemma programmatic brings to marketers, how they can reframe the situation to use programmatic to reach more prospective customers in ways that will be welcomed, and how they can best harness the data from existing programmatic campaigns to improve future ones.   
Contact: Al Urbanski, al.urbanski@dmnews.com
Deadline: Friday, February 19

May 2016 Topic of the Month: Mobile Marketing

The latest shiny object in the world of mobile marketing is mobile video. Infatuated as they may be, though, marketers are treading carefully using mobile video as part of their marketing mix. This article will serve as a primer on how to weave mobile video into direct marketing campaigns and use it to drive specific, measurable customer actions.
Contact:  Jason Compton, jason.compton@gmail.com
Deadline: Friday, February 15

One Tough Question: Programmatic

Programmatic ad buying—once considered to be all about efficiency—has moved mainstream and is increasingly enabling marketers to be more targeted at scale. Plus, programmatic is quickly evolving beyond banners to video, rich media, and even TV. The question: What's the first step marketers considering programmatic should take to not only get started, but also get the most from the approach? For marketers already dabbling in programmatic, what's one improvement they can make or step they can take to successfully advance their efforts. 

If you have a client who'd like to respond to the question, please pitch who it is BEFORE submitting a response. We'll only be taking about a dozen participants, so we'll confirm any requests.

Contact: Ginger Conlon, ginger.conlon@dmnews.com by Friday, March 4 (deadline for contributions is Friday, March 11)

Ongoing Editorial Opportunities

This Is How We Do It: First-person accounts of successful marketing initiatives or strategies. Contact: Elyse Dupre, elyse.dupre@dmnews.com

Best Case: Case studies that show measurable results based on a specific initiative or campaign. See the Editorial Beats list below to select a contact by the appropriate beats.Click on an editor's name to send an email.

Editors & Beats

  • Al Urbanski (Senior Editor)
    Al Urbanski

    Postal Regulations
    Direct Mail
    Data Privacy/Regulations
    Customer Privacy
    Behavioral Targeting
    Case Studies Related to These Topics

    Contact: Al.Urbanski@dmnews.com

  • Natasha Smith (Senior Editor)
    Natasha Smith

    Data Analytics
    Segmentation and Targeting
    Marketing Automation
    Case Studies Related to These Topics

    Omni/Multichannel Marketing
    Email Marketing
    Social Media Marketing
    Mobile Marketing

    Contact: Natasha.Smith@dmnews.com

  • Elyse Dupre (Special Features Editor)
    Elyse Dupre

    Omni/Multichannel Marketing
    Email Marketing
    Search marketing
    Social Media Marketing
    Mobile Marketing
    Display Advertising
    Direct Response/DRTV
    Case Studies Related to These Topics

    Data Analytics
    Segmentation and Targeting
    Marketing Technology

    Contact: Elyse.Dupre@dmnews.com

  • Ginger Conlon (Editor-in-Chief)
    Ginger Conlon

    Marketing Leadership
    Loyalty Marketing
    Customer Engagement/CX
    Content Marketing
    Case Studies Related to These Topics

    Contact: Ginger.Conlon@dmnews.com

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SK&A is a leading provider of U.S. healthcare information solutions and databases. As ...