Travel Channel has no reservations about mobile pics

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The Travel Channel has partnered with mobile photo-sharing site SnapMyLife to disperse content from Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations across the mobile phone.

SnapMyLife users can connect with the No Reservations program by following it on SnapMyLife or by opting in to receive mobile alerts that the show is about to air. Those following the No Reservations user on SnapMyLife will see updated content in their stream on the service, similar to Twitter or Facebook.

Those receiving alerts will receive a text message or an e-mail with some content from the show, such as an image or a video with of behind-the-scenes footage, and a reminder that the show is about to be broadcast.

“They have great content, and as any media company wants to do, they want to reach out to additional users,” said David Chang, co-founder of “People on their mobile devices are very interested in travel because they are on-the-go. This is especially true of SnapMyLife users, because they are all over the world.”

This is the second season that Bourdain's cooking and travel show has debuted con­tent on SnapMyLife. The target audience of both the Travel Channel and SnapMyLife is a bit older and has a higher income than the typical teen audience associated with the mobile phone. This effort is part of a multi-tiered partnership, and the two companies are exploring other ways to work together down the road.

To promote the show before new episodes, which air at 10pm EST Mondays on the Travel Channel, SnapMyLife will post “sneak peek” photos and content at

Last week's show took place in New York City, and the SnapMyLife photos showed the crew while shooting on location. This extra content runs on the Travel Chan­nel's mobile site, wireless access protocol (WAP) site and now on the SnapMyLife social media page. All of the content is opti­mized for the channel it is on.

“This takes their content and exposes it in a new way through the mobile phone,” added Chang. “It gives people who are fans of the show access to exclusive content that is tied to the episode.”

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