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Bank of Internet, BofI.com, is slated to launch July 1 with a modest marketing campaign targeting niche Web sites.

Designed with the novice Internet user in mind, the Bank of Internet will be an online bank, based in San Diego, where consumers can do their day-to-day banking, apply for loans as well as receive other financial services.

To let consumers know the bank is open, the company plans to form partnerships with affinity sites that attract some of its target groups such as military personnel.

It also is looking to reach the elderly through sites such as Seniors.com and working moms, college students and the hearing impaired through other appropriate sites.

The first phase of the site's marketing effort is its e-mail newsletter. Consumers can sign up for the free newsletter by accessing the BofI.com preview site.

There is one distinct advantage launching bank offers, said Gary Evans, president of Bank of Internet, San Diego. "The banking world is unique in that there are many services that will post our rate information. Some you pay for, but many you don't."
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