The Lean Content Roadmap: How B2B Marketers Can Do More With Less

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The Lean Content Roadmap: How B2B Marketers Can Do More With Less
The Lean Content Roadmap: How B2B Marketers Can Do More With Less

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Thursday, April 24
1:00PM ET/ 10:00AM PT

Content has been declared King and now every B2B marketer wants more of it. But soon after it became a top priority on everyone's budget, the truth came out: 70% of content never gets read.  So does that mean you toss your content strategy aside? Not at all. With 75% of the buyers' journey taking place online, getting relevant, timely digital messages to your prospects is an integral part of revenue generation and growth.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to create your own Lean Content Roadmap: one that ensures your content is moving buyers through the pipeline without wasting resources.  Robert Stohmeyer and Rachel Balik will show you how to do more with less by:

  1. Tracking performance and identifying your most compelling content pieces
  2. Personalizing messages to resonate with most valued prospects
  3. Targeting key accounts to create a “zero-click” web experience
  4. Scaling your content strategy through relevant B2B technology

Featured Speakers:

Robert Strohmeyer, Director of Sales Engineering, Demandbase

Robert Strohmeyer is a 20-year veteran of the content world. As Director of Content Marketing at IDG, he crafted innovative content strategies for the world's top tech companies including Apple, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Samsung, Toshiba, Cisco, and more. He has also contributed to Wired, Macworld, PCWorld, Entrepreneur, InformationWeek, Maximum PC, PC Mag and other leading tech publications. As technology evangelist at Demandbase, Robert continues his ongoing quest to make digital content more compelling, relevant, and effective for marketers and audiences alike.

Rachel Balik,
Content Marketing Manager, Demandbase

Rachel Balik is a writer and marketer with several years of experience in online publishing, B2B technology and digital communications strategy. In addition to serving as "storyteller-in-residence" at Demandbase, she is a freelance journalist and advises early-stage startups on core messaging and content.

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