The social side of Cannes

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Last night I had the pleasure of dining with several colleagues at a fantastic restaurant called Les Vieux Murs. Once again I had Sea Bass. I’ve never eaten so much fish in my life. I think it just tastes better when you’re staring at the ocean. After dinner we made our way back to the Carlton, the hotel in which I’m staying. A wonderful, old, famous hotel right in the middle of all the action. That can be a good thing but it can also turn on you quickly and become painful. Last night was painful. There was a party on the beach outside the hotel that blasted music that pounded the walls of my room into the wee hours of the morning. I called it a day around midnight (an early night for Cannes) and tried to sleep with a party raging outside my room. You can tell by the photo below it was rockin'.

This morning was once again 75 and sunny. There were a lot of great seminars going on today which I was unable to attend because of meetings with clients. I love the fact that more clients are experiencing Cannes first hand. As I talked to them today, they’re having a blast going to seminars, but more importantly looking at inspired work. One can only hope that this kind of thinking will rub off on smart clients that want ground-breaking work. The clients I spent the day with definitely appreciate what they’re seeing.

Cyber awards tonight. Can’t wait to see that one. Should be one of the best of the week.

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