The Guest Blogger's Tips and Tricks Guide

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The Guest Blogger's Tips and Tricks Guide
The Guest Blogger's Tips and Tricks Guide

Research your topic extensively and offer content ideas that are innovative and were not previously published. To learn about content from a blogger's viewpoint, ProBlogger has a few good posts. (And this one.) Start using StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and Quora to look at what people share and talk about on certain topics that your client's audience loves.

Publish one or two hyper-successful blog posts to use as credentials. In particular, bloggers are impressed when you send a couple of posts as an example and they see lots of comments, a nice looking independent blog, or social shares. They will host your content because they think it could go viral or engage with their audience.

Be a social media enthusiast and present yourself as someone who is constantly online talking with other people. This will ensure you have enough followers on Twitter (600+) or another social channel to look like somebody who is an insider/influencer.

Don't approach bloggers as “link builders.” Rather, choose other ways to sign off your emails, from “freelance writer” to more specific ones, like “bike geek” or “foodie.” Bloggers often hate SEO because they often can't craft an email pitch, want quick-fix solutions, or they don't understand certain communication basics.

Blogger relationships

There are several ways you can improve your relationships with bloggers. If you treat bloggers like people and you can find a way to please them, you will gain their trust while securing yourself a source of constant links across your client's markets. The following are some advanced methods that are simple to perform:

Ensure your content is targeted to what they're looking for. Avoid pitching to a valuable blogger with article ideas you are not confident you can write about.

When submitting content to a blogger, attach the post with links embedded (more than one to your client's site if you don't want to have your post refused); author bio included (sometimes bloggers are okay to link only in the author bio but try to find this out from the guidelines or by looking at previous posters); and a creative commons licensed image—or even better—a video.

Make it clear in your first email that you share the content you publish, mentioning the social media account of the blogger. You can even say you're going to reach out to influencers to promote the guest post.

Ask blogger to send you an email if they participate in blogger events so you can vote for them.

And finally, be confident to say you'd be happy to share the blogger's content when it's something that may be of interest to your followers on Twitter.

In the end…

A lack of high-quality guest bloggers means you have a golden opportunity to form valuable personal relationships in the field. This comes from the experience of chatting with bloggers and by writing your own blog posts. You'll learn how to brief the content to a copywriter and what works, and what doesn't work.

Don't give up when pitching a blog post and always remember that good outreach and good content brings high-quality back-links that improve the SEO authority of the site and, in turn, rankings.

Carlo Pandian is an SEO account executive at Tug.

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