The Current State of Data Driven Marketing: An Inside View

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Tuesday, October 29
1:00 - 2:00 p.m. ET

Numbers – we all know – don't lie. And the numbers in the 2013 Teradata Data Driven Marketing Survey reveal big insights about the current state of data-driven marketing across the globe. 2,200 marketers responded to Teradata's questions, and these are some of the insights they shared:

• Creating a sustainable data-driven marketing process is a priority for most marketers, but only 10% of companies surveyed say they're using data in a systematic, strategic way

• Almost half of all marketers surveyed feel that data is the most underutilized asset within their respective organizations

• 78% of marketers feel pressure to become more data-driven

• Although most marketers believe a strong CMO-CIO alignment is key to a successful data-driven ecosystem, less than 10% of marketers believe their organization's alignment is where it needs to be

To dive even deeper into Teradata's survey results, join Teradata and Direct Marketing News on October 29 at 1:00 pm EDT for The Current State of Data Driven Marketing: An Inside View webinar, co-hosted by David Schweer and John Cole.

Featured Speakers:

John M. Cole, President, Partner, Isurus

In a career spanning more than 25 years, John has led strategic marketing engagements for clients in a diverse set of industries, including enterprise technology, energy and education. His work includes engagements focusing on product development, branding and messaging, market sizing, and customer satisfaction. He has worked with clients ranging from early stage start-ups to large established enterprises.

Prior to founding Isurus, John was a Senior Vice President and Practice Leader at Research International.

David Schweer, Solutions Marketing, Teradata

David manages IMM Solutions Marketing for Teradata Applications and is specifically responsible for the global Data Driven Marketing campaign. David came to Teradata as part of the Aprimo acquisition in 2011. Prior to his current role, David managed Customer Marketing for Teradata Applications including the reference program and customer success stories. David has extensive experience in implementing IMM solutions as he was a member of Aprimo's Professional Services organization where he worked with numerous Fortune 500 clients to implement a Marketing Automation solution. David is a graduate of Indiana University and is based in Indianapolis, IN.

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