Tecktonik Media launches Direct Blog Ads platform

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Tecktonik Media, a digital media network, has launched a new blog advertising platform called Direct Blog Ads.

Mark Pasetsky, editorial director and publisher of Tecktonik Media, said the impetus behind the launch is a big movement for corporate brands to begin developing editorial content that keeps their sites fresh and that drives people to their sites. To ensure that sites appear high up in natural search listings, companies need to have a blog or real-time content that is being updated daily and is using the keywords they want to optimize, he said.

Major media companies like NBC and Disney are increasingly trying to get their content on the main part of blogs, Pasetsky said. “So we're going to be offering what we're calling Direct Blog Ads — they are going to be very similarly looking to a blog post, but they will be marked as a blog ad on the post,” he said.

Companies participating in the Direct Blog Ad program must have the content of their ads approved by Tecktonik Media and ad copy must be written in the same style as the blog. “The obvious stipulation is that it's of interest to our readers on each blog,” Pasetsky said.

The ads will be based on a cost per thousand model and stay on the blog “forever, so they'll be picked up in the search engines,” he said. Companies will also be able to specify what time of day they want the ad to run, he added.

Pasetsky anticipated that media and entertainment companies promoting new shows, events or movies would be a good fit for the new platform. “It will also be used for companies that want to introduce their products or services,” he said.

Tecktonik Media's network consists of a number of consumer blogs including media industry blog CoverAwards.com, young Hollywood gossip blog Shakiki.com, and gay and lesbian celebrity blog GayQA.com. These sites have an “attitude and a point of view,” but avoid the “snarky tone” of other blogs, Pasetsky said. “We've created an environment that brands would feel comfortable in,” he said.

Pasetsky, a former editor in chief of Life & Style magazine, founded Tecktonik Media in 2007.

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