States Transfer 9 Million Numbers To FTC's No-Call List

States that have agreed to cooperate with the Federal Trade Commission's no-call list have transferred 9 million telephone numbers on their no-call lists to the national registry, the FTC said yesterday.

The numbers came from 14 state no-call lists and increased the number of telephone lines registered for the national list to 41.7 million, the FTC said. New York contributed the most from its state list turning over more than 2 million telephone numbers to the FTC.

California, the state with the most numbers on the national no-call list, transferred 1.6 million numbers. To date, Californians registered 876,000 numbers by telephone and 2.9 million over the Internet.

Consumer registration for the first publication of the national no-call list, which will be updated quarterly, ends at midnight on Aug. 31. Telemarketers covered by the list are required to obtain and use a copy by Oct. 1.

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