SparkLIST Unveils Auto-Responder E-Mail Service

Share this article: Corp. yesterday debuted SparkBOT, a Web-based e-mail response service that can instantly send information to customers who request it. The service also can automatically follow up over a specific period of time.

"SparkBOT can be used by sales, HR, even technical support departments to provide time-released e-mails that keep your message or solution in front of your subscribers," said Christopher Knight, CEO of the, a provider of e-mail list hosting and management services.

The SparkBOT service also offers ad tracking features that let users set up an unlimited number of tracking URLs, which can be placed in follow-up messages or in ads run in discussion groups. It also can automatically generate custom HTML sign-up forms. Ad tracking can be set to work on the Web with e-mail newsletters and e-zines as well.

SparkLIST, Milwaukee, WI, also said SparkBOT's auto responders can be either text or HTML and let the user set up headers and footers in each message. Up to 20 auto responders, with support for up to 19 follow-up messages, can be set.

There are two subscription levels. SparkBOT Silver, which costs $19.95 a month, can be set up for 5,000 subscribers and can send up to 10 follow-up messages per subscriber. The SparkBOT Silver service places a nonremovable SparkBOT ad in the e-mail footer of each message.

SparkBOT Gold, which costs $39.95 a month, can be set up for 10,000 subscribers and can send up to 20 follow-up messages per subscriber. The SparkBOT Gold service does not place a SparkBOT ad in the e-mail footer.

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