MTV gives voice to AIDS cause

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Safe sex is the cause behind MTV’s new campaign in collaboration with Spinvox
Safe sex is the cause behind MTV’s new campaign in collaboration with Spinvox
“The ultimate goal [is] that [open and free sex] discussions both breakdown the stigma of HIV/AIDSand also break the barriers associated with the embar­rassment of talking about sex,” Arnold said. “As MTV's Staying Alive campaign nears its 10th anniversary, we hope that campaigns such as this will continue to empower youth to effectively fight this disease.”

Twice a year, the foundation pres­ents MTV's Staying Alive Awards, which are small grants that support innovative projects in schools, youth centers and clubs using radio, TV, print, online and personal interactions to reach at-risk youth and protect them from the multiple threats posed by HIV and AIDS. Half of all new HIV infections are in those under the age of 25.

Anyone making a donation to the “Stand by what you say” campaign has a chance of winning a “Stand by what you say” action figure, SpinVox's “Speech Mobster.” SpinVox will also be matching funds raised up to $50,000.

The support coming from Causes on Facebook will include sending out 11 million e-mails to people around the world with conversation starters about sex and invitations to pick up the phone and talk about what they think.

SpinVox has already collaborated with several other marketers for campaigns using its technology, but this is the first time it has been applied to a cause-related marketing effort.

“It is very easy for brands and individ­uals to make observations about issues,” Scroggs said. “But to actually see them played out as concrete observations that could genuinely effect change felt like a compelling proposition.”

SpinVox also worked on a campaign for New York public radio station WNYCaround the Democratic and Republican Presidential primaries' Super Tuesday. Listeners were invited to call in and speak their comments, which were converted to text and forwarded to the on-air hosts as e-mails.

WNYC received 700 calls, four times the interaction it would have normally had, Scroggs said. WNYC has since added SpinVox's technology as regular offering to one of its shows.  

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