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Old Navy partnered with Shazam to make its 'Old Navy Records' campaign a channel for digital coupons
Old Navy partnered with Shazam to make its 'Old Navy Records' campaign a channel for digital coupons

As marketers begin to connect the dots between their integrated programs' online and offline elements and tag offline elements with digital components, they are on the cusp of attaining fully measurable cross-channel initiatives.

RadioShack Corp. launched a Facebook version of its weekly circular to add value to its social following, but a nice byproduct is its ability to inform the consumer electronics retailer's print product. 

Adrian Parker, director of social media and digital strategy at RadioShack, says the company is tracking the Facebook circular's data on "Likes," most popular products, and products that are driving traffic to RadioShack's website. 

Companies such as Old Navy and MasterCard have turned to mobile to enhance their offline offerings. Old Navy partnered with mobile app developer Shazam to make its "Old Navy Records" campaign's TV ads a conduit for digital coupons and product information, while MasterCard outfitted its "Priceless New York" campaign's out-of-home installations with quick response codes that linked to a sweepstakes entry. 

David Berkowitz, VP of emerging media at digital agency 360i, says that mobile in particular will become a primary means for brands to combine traditional and 
digital strategies.

That claim is bolstered by mobile ad network Jumptap's recent partnerships with 
offline data providers to shrink the divide between online 
and offline to result in more 
targeted mobile campaigns.

"If an [automotive] advertiser wants to identify specific audiences predisposed to buy a certain model, they can develop a geotargeted ad campaign against that audience," says Jumptap CMO Paran Johar, referring to automotive data and marketing firm R. L. Polk & Co.'s store of automotive-related offline data such as customer addresses.

Once marketers are able to create fully measurable campaigns, the challenge will be creating a comparable measurement scheme, says Spyro Kourtis, president and CEO of direct marketing agency Hacker Group. 


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