urges exploration but lacks social sharing options

Share this content: urges exploration but lacks social sharing options urges exploration but lacks social sharing options scores major points by recommending products and by displaying what other online shoppers are currently browsing — and who doesn't want to know what other people find cool?

The site also does a good job displaying big, bright pictures, prices and discounts below products, and it does an excellent job urging shoppers to click around the site and explore interests they may not have even known they had.

However, the sheer bulk of content makes the website a little clunky to use and a bit difficult to search. If you're coming to the site to buy a black poster frame, or something equally vague (i.e. not a hardcover copy of War and Peace), get ready to sift through thousands of similar-looking results.

Additionally,'s sharing capabilities to link to Facebook and Twitter are available when a shopper clicks on an individual product, but aren't easily visible on the page. That leaves the social media world off of the company's homepage, and leaves the ability to gather consumer data through social media seriously lacking. is eons ahead of other sites in terms of the scope of its products, but its website's design is stuck in 2004.

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