Social Media Marketing Hits & Misses: How 2007 Hot Holiday Brands & Products Performed Online


The Social Hits and Misses Of the
2007 Holiday Season

Some top marketers delivered on their holiday
social media promises, some didn't.

In this follow-up to our preholiday study of 12 of the season's most talked about products and retailers, Oneupweb looks at how these companies' online social media marketing strategies played out during the 2007 holidays. Discover what worked and why in this study, Holiday Social Media Marketing Hits & Misses, How 2007's Hot Products Performed Online.

In this study you'll learn:

  • Who benefited from an aggressive social media marketing strategy.
  • Who failed to follow through and what were the consequences.
  • What competitors did to level the social media marketing playing field.
  • What lessons can be learned from the 2007 holiday season.
  • What social media marketing tactics you should be considering in 2008.

Add a social dimension to your 2008 marketing planning.

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