Sharper Image Sales Drop 7 Percent for Q1

Sharper Image Corp., San Francisco, yesterday reported sales of $43.7 million in April, representing a 5 percent decrease from $46 million last year when it posted a 20 percent increase. Also, total company sales amounted to $142.2 million for the first quarter, down 7 percent from $152.7 million last year when sales were up 35 percent.

Total store sales for April reached $23.4 million, down 3 percent, versus $24.2 million when the amount was up 12 percent. Total store sales for the quarter were $78.3 million, down 4 percent compared to $81.4 million last year when that figure was up 26 percent.

Comparable store sales were down 18 percent, compared with a decrease of 3 percent last April. First-quarter comparable store sales fell 16 percent. The amount was up 8 percent last year.

The company's catalog/direct marketing sales were down 6 percent to $13.5 million in April. The total was up 25 percent last April. Internet sales were down 8 percent at $7.6 million from $8.3 million last April. Last year, an increase of 36 percent was generated in April.

Total catalog sales/direct marketing sales for the first quarter reached $40.7 million, down 10 percent from last year's $45.1 million when an increase of 40 percent compared with 2003 was posted. First-quarter Internet sales totaled $23.2 million, down 12 percent from $26.2 million last year when they were up 58 percent.

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