Service Helps Firms Target Online Marketplace Audiences

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Service Helps Firms Target Online Marketplace Audiences

Infopia Inc., which helps firms place their products or services at Internet malls, auction sites and city sites, has added Excite Classified Networks to its online service.

Excite's 74 million subscribers expands the reach of the service called Marketplace Manager. The service lets businesses place products or services at 30 other major Web destinations such as Yahoo, eBay, and CNET.

Marketplace Manager targets large firms that are looking for additional sales channels and small firms that cannot afford e-commerce sites.

"Larger companies will increase their target markets because they will be able to get their products in front of [a new audience]," said Bjorn Espenes, CEO of Infopia, Salt Lake City. "EBay, for example, attracts a different kind of audience than what most [marketers] usually draw. EBay attracts people who prefer to do business in the auction environment."

Interested parties can log on to to register for the service. Registrants must detail their policy preferences concerning payments, guarantees and returns, all of which they can alter at any time by accessing their accounts at the site.

The service indicates the number of people who have viewed particular products or services, how many transactions occurred, up-to-date sales figures and links to where their offerings are listed in the network.

Infopia uses software that sorts products according to market categories in order to help place its clients' products and services at appropriate Web sites. Espenes said marketers that entered products in the consumer electronics and jewelry categories have been most successful using his network so far.

Marketing Manager can list products at more than 700 Internet destinations. The client completes fulfillment of orders generated via the service.

Pricing varies according to the number of products or services listed. Ten products cost $9.95 per month, 25 items are priced at $19.95, 50 products cost $29.95, and 100 items are priced at $49.95. Espenes said his clients list an average of 37 items.

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