Rodale Selects ClientLogic to Manage Inserts

Rodale Inc. yesterday selected ClientLogic Specialists Marketing Services to manage its alternative media programs.

"Rodale has been a client of our brokerage division for over 20 years, and we are very pleased to have been chosen to expand our relationship into the alternative media management arena," said Lon Mandel, marketing services officer at ClientLogic Specialists Marketing Services, Weehawken, NJ.

The Rodale package insert programs total 9.7 million packages available for inserts annually. The programs are Men's Health Book, with 410,000 annual inserts; Men's Health Magazine, 1.12 million; Prevention Health Book, 3.47 million; Prevention Magazine, 1.99 million; Rodale Spanish, 265,000; Rodale Sports, 750,000; Women's Book, 1.115 million; and Rodale Canadian, 300,000.

Program prices range from $65 per thousand to $70/M.

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