RMI Direct Obtains Five Hanover Files

RMI Direct Marketing Inc., Danbury, CT, made available five new lists from Hanover Direct properties.

The new files are: Hanover Direct Families With Children -- 464,000 last-12-month buyers; Hanover Direct Select Age 50+ -- 656,000 last-12-month buyers; Hanover Direct Change of Address -- 593,000 last-12-month buyers; Hanover Direct Internet Buyers -- 500,000 last-12-month buyers; and Hanover Direct Catalog Requestors -- 641,000 last-6-month requesters.

All of the people on the files have made a purchase or requested information from one or more of the following Hanover Direct properties: Colonial Garden Kitchens, The Company Store, Domestications, Great Finds, Gump's by Mail, Improvements, International Male, Kitchen & Home, Silhouettes, Tweeds and Undergear.

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