Reader's Digest Reorganizes Into Four Worldwide Groups

Reader's Digest Association Inc., Pleasantville, NY, yesterday, announced changes to its global organizational structure that will leave the publisher with four distinct groups each to be run by a group president.

The groups are Reader's Digest International, Reader's Digest North America, Consumer Business Services and QSP.

Thomas D. Gardner, Eric W. Schrier, Robert E. Raymond and Gary S. Rich will head the four groups respectively. Each will report to Reader's Digest Chairman/CEO Thomas O. Ryder.

"Internationally, we are streamlining our administrative structure to help us move decisively in the fast-changing global markets," Ryder said in a statement. "In North America operations, we are aligning our core direct-marketing, magazine and book businesses in one group, while we are breaking out our other consumer businesses, including Books Are Fun, Trade Publishing, Young Families, Financial Services and QSP."

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