Quattro Wireless and Mobext partner for mobile analytics

Mobile ad network Quattro Wireless has partnered with Mobext, the mobile marketing arm of Havas Digital, on a strategic partnership for mobile analytics.

The aim is to bring more sophisticated analytic tools to the mobile space in order to increase campaign learning. As mobile is still an emerging area, so is mobile analytics.

This partnership expands on joint Quattro Wireless and Mobext initiatives over the past year for clients including Amtrak, Kmart, Choice Hotels, Volvo and McDonald's.

The joint initiatives for these brands have included custom mobile site sponsorships, mobile advertising programs and the creation of mobile advertiser campaign sites.

As part of the agreement, Mobext will incorporate mobile campaign data into Artemis, the Media Contacts master data center. By doing this, marketers will be able to connect online and mobile campaign results together into the back end database. So mobile ad campaigns run on the Quattro Wireless network will be able to connect to the Artemis database.

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