PulsePoint appoints Sloan Gaon CEO

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PulsePoint appoints Sloan Gaon CEO
PulsePoint appoints Sloan Gaon CEO

PulsePoint, a global digital technology company, appointed Sloan Gaon as CEO, effective as of July 9, 2012.

Gaon was selected by PulsePoint to guide the company's delivery of end-to-end digital marketing solutions for advertisers and publishers, says Rose Ann Haran, CMO of PulsePoint.

“Mr. Gaon succeeds Timothy Murray, who left to pursue an an opportunity in the public sector field of education, which was always a personal passion of his,” Haran says, adding: “By joining PulsePoint, Mr. Gaon—who has a clear history of leadership and success—is also supporting his personal passion: that being the digital eco-system and its constant evolution.”   

Gaon will report to PulsePoint's Board of Directors, says Haran, and is responsible for delivering against the company's goals and driving growth for PulsePoint.

“As a private company we prefer to not publically state our reporting structure, but of course as CEO, Mr. Gaon oversees all aspects of PulsePoint's business. I can share that our team growth rates have remained on pace, the number of clients we serve and value per client are both ahead of pace,” she adds, noting that she herself as CMO will report to Gaon. 

The new hire was accomplished via a recruitment process that Haran says was overseen by PulsePoint's board of directors. “They conducted the search with a recruiter as well as leveraging their vast relationships with key industry leaders,” she says. Prior to his new position at PulsePoint, Haran says Gaon was CEO of Dotmenu, an online food commerce company, which Haran says Gaon navigated in its acquisition by Grubhub.

The addition of Sloan as new CEO does not signify a change to PulsePoint's structure or current marketing position, notes Haran, adding “Mr. Gaon will guide strategy across the entire company by leveraging his knowledge and leadership skills in the digital space.”

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