XMPie Gets 8% Response From Conference Mailing

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NEW ORLEANS -- XMPie, a dynamic publishing software provider, said yesterday at the DMA's fall show that it received an 8 percent response rate from its conference mailing.

The mailing promoted a Xerox and XMPie party here Sunday night along with a raffle. It combined basic data provided by the DMA and images with a custom response URL for each attendee.

Recipients who clicked on the Web page were invited to the party and entered into a raffle to win a personal DVD player. They were told that if they printed the invitation and brought it to XMPie's booth, they would be offered a second raffle entry.

More than 150 respondents attended the party, and XMPie got an 8 percent response rate via the Web on 3,800 postcards as of Monday, the New York company said.

XMPie worked with marketing services agency Pohaku Inc., Washington, IA, on the concept and design of the postcard and response URL, and added the variable data and images through its PersonalEffect product, which lets enterprises use customer databases to create personalized communications in digital print, e-mail, the Web and wireless. The postcards were printed by Lexinet Corp. on a Xerox iGen3 Digital Production Press.

Using name, address and company information, a postcard was created using a variable image and text that was based on the city and state of the attendee. The first and last name of each attendee was included in the response URL, which directed respondents to unique Web pages.


You have until Wednesday, December 7 to get your entries in. Learn more here.

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