Transformative direct mail package's envelope twist delivers personalization

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If you have kids, you know what Transformers are. They're toys that may look like a jet, for example, but move a few parts and it turns into a robot.

That's the idea behind a direct mail package with a "transforming" envelope. It's a twist on the #10 package that makes me smile like a kid with a new toy.

It features a full-color, closed-face envelope printed inside and outside, enclosing a letter and inserts. On the sample I have, what catches your eye first is the personalized teaser copy and personalized URL. Turn the envelope over and you see an off-center flap that almost screams to be opened.

When you open the flap, you see another flap and realize that the entire envelope opens up to reveal selling copy on the inside of the envelope surface as well as the letter and other contents.

I've always said that the purpose of an envelope is just to get opened, but in this case I'm wrong. The envelope is part of the message presentation.

From a creative standpoint, I love this format because it allows deep personalization in a closed-face format. It's easy to visualize all the ways you could use a format like this to deliver variable data for offers, coupons, phone numbers or feature lists.

Perhaps most important, the personalized URL links to a landing page for immediate response. When I type it in, I'm taken to a page that matches the look of the envelope with a response form. This level of personalization from envelope to letter to online response form is impressive. I've seen personalization before, of course, but it's totally seamless in this particular package.

This format isn't the answer for everything. It's not as personal as an ordinary #10 or as visually dominating as a 6x9 or 9x12. However, it's perfect for retail or professional services, such as dentists, auto shops, restaurants, or lawn care. In fact, I can see it being used for nearly any kind of lead generation where color and personalization are needed. l


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