Track bottom line impact with ad call measurement

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Track bottom line impact with ad call measurement
Track bottom line impact with ad call measurement

Marketers rely on direct response consumer data to make strategic business decisions, and the explosion of media options has only increased the importance of measuring the quality of advertising results. As marketing executives continue to adapt to flat or shrinking budgets, they are also searching for ways to prove the value and ROI of their programs. In this context, direct response and performance-based marketing options are more important than ever.

Advertising call measurement programs assign unique phone numbers to any direct-response media to track the 
number of calls generated. The results include comprehensive lead generation and lead quality data that takes the guesswork out of measuring marketing results, as call tracking reveals where leads are coming from — through ads, markets or 
media channels — and attributes them appropriately. Advertisers can use the data to compare ad performance and optimize ad spend by reinvesting in initiatives with the highest response and conversion rates. 

Call measurement also helps close the online-offline gap as marketers can measure what online programs are generating offline leads. This is key for gaining 360-degree visibility into an advertising program's effectiveness and identifying accurate lead origins, which can often be difficult to capture with other forms of performance measurement. With real-time results, marketers can also use call tracking to quickly test new marketing initiatives. For example, assign a call tracking number to a mobile marketing ad to see its potential value as an integrated part of a program.

Call measurement also offers a deeper level of business intelligence that reveals who is calling, what ad or medium prompted the call and with post-call technologies, what happens on the call. Tools that auto transcribe consumer-advertiser phone dialogue provide visibility into cumulative caller insights needed to optimize media spend. These programs track keywords discussed, call duration, consumer sentiment and purchase intent, among other verbal patterns. 

With call measurement programs, today's marketers can monitor lead quality and the effect on conversion rates to help evaluate what every C-level executive wants to know: the 
bottom line impact on revenue.


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