TietoEnator Wins Latvian Telecom Contract

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Swedish IT consulting firm TietoEnator yesterday gained a new contract to maintain and provide consulting services for the call center system operated by Latvian telecommunications provider Lattelekom SIA.

TietoEnator, Stockholm, will maintain 24-hour inbound teleservices on Lattelekom's call center system as well as provide outbound sales telemarketing. Lattelekom operates three call centers in the Latvian cities of Cesis, Rezekne and Liepaja and has plans to connect a fourth call center in Riga to the main network in the near future.

The call centers handle contacts from an estimated 40,000 customers per day.

The agreement also calls for TietoEnator to begin implementation of a computer telephony integration system for Lattelekom, the installation of which began in 1999 in two phases. Sonera Technologies supplied telephone equipment and technology for the system.

Lattelekom is Latvia's largest telecommunications provider with about 4,750 employees and annual revenues of 245 million euros. The company serves 740,000 customers and subscribers.


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