The Atlantic turns to PCD for fulfillment

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The Atlantic has tapped Palm Coast Data (PCD) for fulfillment duties, effective July 1.

Following a review of PCD and its main competitor, CDS, The Atlantic chose PCD based on the cost of services. The Atlantic had reached the end of its contract with CDS when it put its business into review.

“Both systems are good systems, and we didn't make any major decisions based on services,” said David Bergeman, circulation director for The Atlantic. “We didn't leave CDS because of lack of services. We just reviewed what we do and the capabilities that the two companies provide and made a decision based on that.”

PCD will manage customer service and transactions, renewals, bills, gift promotions and reporting for The Atlantic's 425,000 subscribers. The fulfillment company is also managing online customer service and subscription requests for the monthly. Bergeman said that the magazine aims to grow its subscriber base this year, particularly through online efforts.

“Of course we have plans to grow — we're always looking to grow the base, but we're mindful of growing in profitable terms,” he said. “It's a case of, ‘if it makes sense we'll do it.' Growing business online is a very big goal for us, so generating additional online subscriptions is big goal, and hopefully Palm Coast Data can help us do that.” 

PCD represents more than 700 publications.


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