Statlistics, Merkle partner on mobile lead-gen program for print ads

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Statlistics and Merkle have partnered to launch a mobile-based lead-generation service that replaces traditional reader-service cards. Green Mountain Coffee is the first client using the service.

The Print-to-Mobile platform helps publishers and advertisers use specific short codes, rather than service numbers, in their print advertisements. When readers send an inquiry to the code, their data is pinged against the publisher's subscriber database, adding more customer information to that data point. Users are served a landing page based on that view of the customer, and both publishers and advertisers can capture the lead.

“The publisher might already know that this person is a three-time buyer, or what business a company is in,” said Brian Hade, senior account executive at Statlistics. ”We can overlay that data and, up front, segment the marketing message back to the advertiser.”

The service can also handle e-mail addresses sent via text message. It parses the inbound e-mail address instantly and pings the domain against enhancement data. Mike Ricci, VP and mobile practice leader for Merkle, said that his company will “take a look at the domain and, if it's a company name, determine what the SIC code is, how many employees are present and more, so it scores the lead."

"We can deliver the appropriate comment either through text or the mobile Internet page,” he added. “If you don't have mobile Internet, we'll send you a personalized e-mail from the advertiser."

Green Mountain Coffee was not immediately available for comment. Hade said the vendors developed the service for two to three months before announcing it February 1.


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