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Post Office, Mailers Are at an Historic Juncture

Of the $46 billion dollars USPS collected in postage for market-dominant products in which it owns a monopoly, nearly $36 billion was accounted for by Standard Mail, Flats, and presort First Class Mail paid for by business mailers.

The symbiotic relationship between USPS and bulk mailers is currently at an historic juncture, with the USPS struggling for its very survival and mailers dealing with an unprecedented “exigent” rate increase to help offset a steady 30% decline in First Class Mail and competition from the Internet. As it concluded its most recent fiscal year last September, the Postal Service declared a net loss of $5 billion and had posted losses in 19 of its previous 21 quarters.
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This Should Be Exigency's Last Gasp, Mailers Say

This Should Be Exigency's Last Gasp, Mailers Say

A Postal Services showing signs of life and a Congress showing no signs of activity is a formula for exigency's demise, insiders say.

Exigency Marches On!

Exigency Marches On!

PRC OKs $1.19 billion in additional surcharge to mailers. The 4.3% topper on postal rates is expected to endure an additional eight months.

Amazon Makes Pitch for Drone Airspace

Amazon Makes Pitch for Drone Airspace

In its mission to offer 30-minute delivery, it asks for a commercial drone space at between 200 and 400 feet.

Ebay Dumps Same-Day Delivery

Ebay Dumps Same-Day Delivery

Ebay Now becomes eBay Then, as the online marketplace decides immediate delivery does not work in its business plan.

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