Newsmax turns to DRTV, radio, freebies for subs

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Newsmax turns to DRTV, radio, freebies for subs
Newsmax turns to DRTV, radio, freebies for subs

Newsmax Media has launched direct response TV and radio ads in an effort to win over new subscribers to its flagship product, Newsmax magazine.

The commercials offer four free issues of the conservative-leaning monthly, as well as a free World Bank emergency radio. Con­sumers who accept the offer are then target­ed for further marketing to convince them to switch to a full-year paid subscription. A similar deal posted online has garnered great success for the magazine, helping to bring circulation numbers from 90,000 a year ago to 106,063 as of December 31, to 130,000 now, according to Chris Ruddy, editor and CEO of Newsmax.

Ruddy believes the TV and radio approach will broaden Newsmax's market because the spots naturally reach a wider audience than those who would find Newsmax online through search.

“TV and radio spots are a way of branding Newsmax through those media as we promote our products and get new customers,” Ruddy said. “We like this emergency radio offer because the people who order it are more mature, concerned about their health and financial well-being and are people that think ahead. We like that demographic because it fits with the Newsmax online and magazine audience — they tend to be affluent, well-educated Americans that are interested in news, poli­tics, health and finance.”

A 1-800 number and a Web address,, are included in the ads. Ruddy reported that most orders driven by the spots are coming in by phone, but about 25% are coming in online. The commercials are running in 30- and 60-second spots on targeted radio and television stations, such as Fox News and The History Channel.

The spots were produced with help from Pegasus Multimedia, which has assisted News­max with other TV ads in the past. The two ads — one featuring a policeman and the other featuring former CNN anchor Bob Losure — focus on the emergency radio offer. Both spokesmen describe how important it is to have an emergency radio in this time.

There's no set timeline for the cam­paign — Ruddy said Newsmax will keep running the ads, even rolling them out to more channels, as long as they keep attract­ing subscribers. He added that, judging by preliminary numbers and the company's preexisting metrics of conversion, Newsmax should break even or make money from responses to the ads.


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