News Byte: Spiderman to Sling Priority Mail for Postal Service

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Talk about sticky promotions.
Talk about sticky promotions.

Spiderman does whatever a spider can, as the old TV show song goes, and this spring Spidey can be a spokes-hero for the U.S. Postal Service

A television campaign breaking this week kicks off a multichannel marketing campaign between USPS and Sony Pictures co-promoting Priority Mail and the May 2 release of The Amazing Spiderman 2. Spidey's blue and red-clad self will begin appearing on like-colored Priority Mail boxes and USPS delivery trucks in major markets, and Postal Service logos will get placement in the movie.

“Our Priority Mail products share many qualities with a superhero of Spiderman's caliber, namely those of speed, agility, and reliability,” said Nagisa Manabe, chief marketing and sales officer at USPS.

The campaign will combine direct mail, digital, and social media elements, but its centerpiece is the TV commercial  in which Spiderman snaps up a Priority Mail package in his web and slings his way through Manhattan to deposit it with Marvel founder Stan Lee. The spot was directed by Rich Lee and Marc Webb, who also directed the film.


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