News Byte: New Zealand Post to Move to 3-Day Delivery

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The postal business is bad all over.
The postal business is bad all over.

Mailers who think the United States Postal Service's plan to trim one day off of mail delivery is a radical change ought to look Down Under. New Zealand Post announced yesterday it would halve its delivery days, moving from six to three in 2015.

New Zealand's postal service faces the same market pressures from digital alternatives that USPS battles with. “The change in delivery frequency at some point is inevitable given the ongoing and rapid decline in letter mail volumes,” says Brian Roche, CEO of the New Zealand Post. “While parcel volumes have increased by nearly 3 million since 2006, over the same period letter volumes are dropped by 322 million, or 30 percent.”

Roche also said that New Zealand would begin trying alternative business models, such as franchised or hosted postal services. Self-service kiosks, he said, will assume a large role in the country's postal network.


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